Mommy’s bday…

Cold March lake! Luckily the hot spring waters do not come from here but some mountain springs that are piped directly into the resort.

Cold March lake! Luckily the hot spring waters do not come from here but some mountain springs that are piped directly into the resort.

Back in early March, we celebrated my mother’s birthday. I have been meaning to write about it but March was a bit of a tough month so thought I would finally finish off and publish this post now.

On my mom’s actual birthday (a weekday) we had a nice dinner, cut a cake, and gave her some gifts. It was perfect and casual. However, my sister in Florida wanted to treat my mom to something nice so she booked a hotel room at a resort for my mom to enjoy with us (her daughters) and my aunt (who only has sons and never enjoys a bit of luxury). So, on a Saturday morning we all packed up and made the drive out-about an hour away. This resort is based around some ancient hot springs and is all about relaxation and the spa.

After we checked in, we went for a walk on the lakeshore. It was a cool March day but the rain was holding off. It was wonderful to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the mountain and forest views. We all felt great. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel for tea and then went straight for the hot springs. The hot springs are on the hotel grounds and consist of various pools of various temperatures. We made sure to visit all of them but I personally enjoyed the ones that were a bit cooler (and larger) as you could swim around instead of being stuck in one spot and staring at others in the spring. We spent about an hour in them and felt exhausted at the end! We returned to our room to get cleaned up and ready for a much welcome meal.

That night, I took everyone out for a nice dinner at a cute restaurant which was all about organic, housemade, local products. I went for a garden burger. We ate well and returned to our room where I read a fabulous novel and everyone else watched a bad movie on tv. I definitely felt disconnected from my crazy work world so it was a nice break. The next morning, my mom and aunt made another visit to the hot springs (she felt it was helping her bad knees a bit!), we had breakfast, and then checked out and went home.

It was a great way to spend my mom’s birthday and a great opportunity to connect with family a bit more. Plus, since it was not too far I had the Sunday to do normal weekend things before the work week. Sometimes, a little getaway sure is nice.


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