A tough few weeks…


The last two to three weeks have been tough on me physically. I wrote, few recent posts ago, how I have been sick on and off since mid-March. I also may have wrote earlier this year how my husband and I would be thinking about planning for a family some time soon. Well, we decided to start by going off our contraception medication at the end of January with the understanding it can takes months for a body to return to normal. The adjustment, however, was quite seamless and life went on.

Then mid-March I was hit by a strong flu one week and a stomach virus the next. The impact was more intense on me than usual which I thought was odd. The very next week I had a sudden rush of intense bleeding (which has never happened before) and I had to go to the hospital for this one. I thought it could be this supposed difficult transition from coming off years of contraception. But, it turned out I had been pregnant for a week or two-which reduced my immune system and made the prior illness feel so strong-and the bleeding was actually a miscarriage. I had no idea since it was such a short time of being pregnant. I was sent home and told life would go on.

Then, this week, I have had continual strong bleeding rather than a decrease and went back to the hospital. There, I had to have a quick operation to help clear out all residual tissue and material as it was taking far too long on its own (and which was the cause of the continual bleeding). It was my first ever operation. I am recovering now and have been off work for at least 2 days each week for the last few weeks for these various above issues. This operation, I hope, will be the end of it (it was a very alarming and on-going experience) and I am hoping my husband and I can move forward and carry on. The good news is that this is quite common for women and all should go on normally after this.

Now I realize how real everything is in making the choice to stop the contraception and how it is very possible we could have a new family member sometime in 2017 if all goes well. It has also made me realize I need to reconnect with my family doctor (or get a new one) and start taking better care of myself. I already purchased some pre-natal vitamins as a start. Am still in no rush for a pregnancy and am just letting nature take over-as we plan to live normally and not count ovulation cycles or worry about timing etc. I just hope it will be much smoother after all this as it has been quite a trial!


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