Taxes 2015…


save-money-2013We did our taxes and finally, after 2 years, are getting a return. Both of us! Am happy we are back on track. Nothing like being hit with a $1,000 tax bill each year that you have little motivation to pay but have to. Anyway, we even had the good luck of going into the local tax office, there not being a giant line, and getting tips for next year since my husband has changed his career and will get quite a few more tax benefits next time around. A much better experience than last year.

Both my husband and I made more this past year than the previous and I think we are also both on track for increased income in 2016 as well. Mine will be due to a pay increase and his to a job change. Can’t complain about that!

Hopefully we will get our returns in the next bit and we will be oh so responsible and pay down debt rather than use it for fun. Also, I should mention, my coin jar had reached $512 since January. I decided to be responsible and helped my husband pay his credit card since he had work expenses on it that will not be reimbursed until next month. This way we reduce interest charges which is always a good thing 🙂 Well, that was my personal fiscal year end task which I can now check off. Much more pleasant than expected!


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