End of March and April 2016 Things to Look Forward to…


I have not written in two weeks. I have been slammed by illnesses. So, despite my last post going on about being on the mend by Tuesday a few weeks ago, I was hit with a stomach bug by Thursday which led to a second ruined weekend in a row. This one was worse as I spent it vomiting for two days straight or just feeling nauseous. Just awful. A third problem hit me by Wednesday night and I realized how horrible this last half of March was turning out to be. Today, I am almost completely recovered and hope nothing else comes my way. In fact,  I think I will spend part of the day going to the vitamin store so I can be stronger in case any other virus tries to come my way. I have always has pretty good health so never appreciated it much. These last 2 or 3 weeks or so have made me stop and realize I am lucky to be generally well and I must maintain and take care of myself better.

In between illness, I did manage to have a nice date night with my husband, get my husband to cut the lawn and clean the garage, meet my friend for a nice lunch, have a quiet dinner at my brother’s house for his girlfriend’s birthday, spend time with my pup, go to a family bbq, go to the hospital for the third medical issues (this will need a separate post another time) and have some serious chats with my sisters about things.

aprilNow, it is already April and usually I write my things to look forward to post. Well here they are for April:

  • Although this is not something I am looking forward to, the time has come to put my dog to sleep. She is now still interested in food and short walks and people but avoids movement other than that as much as possible. Her cancer is a painful one and in a week or so it will be too much. I can only take solace in the fact she will no longer be in pain.
  • Good weather-this past week the sun has been shining and it has been wonderful. Looking forward to more.
  • Garden time. I think I can start direct planting this month if the weather holds up.
  • Sister`s birthday near the end of the month.
  • Taxes done and hopeful for a return (after two years of owing taxes)
  • Husband and I getting in better financial shape this month (our plan anyways)
  • Feeling better and taking better care of myself.

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