Spring flu…


Friday I felt the start of a flu coming on (which I knew would be a nasty one as my husband was on day three by then!). After work, that evening, I joined my family for dinner at a cute restaurant just off a beach promenade. I felt very irritable and wanted to eat and run rather than socialize.

On Saturday it was full on and I knew my weekend was ruined. Despite that, I knew worse days were coming so I made sure to take care of all my errands from returning library books, to getting my husband to pick up soil for my garden, meeting with my sister for a visit, to tidying up the house.

Sunday I basically stayed in the house all day and between watching reality tv on the couch (Newlyweds: the First Year for the most part) and trying to read Midnight`s Children I ate a few times, napped here and there, and found myself to be either freezing cold or boiling in fever. It was an awful day.

Today I woke up and feel much better but still decided to take a day off work to rest. Am sure by tomorrow I will not be infectious and will be able to focus on work whereas today there would be no chance of that. Nothing like having a bad flu that makes you appreciate how great it is to be healthy. I think I definitely need to take better care of myself from now on and will have to sort out what steps I need to take to do so.


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