Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016!

Famous Guinness Factory in Dublin

Famous Guinness Factory in Dublin

I forgot to wear green today! However, once I got to work I was given a green ring to wear to prevent the leprechauns from coming after me. A co-worker insisted I needed this protection as the leprechauns do not mess around and cause a lot of mayhem 🙂

I do not plan to drink any green beer (or wine) today but must say this is a fun little holiday in most North American towns and cities. Back in 2009 my friend and I went to Ireland for a trip in March and got to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Belfast. It turned out to be quite an eventful and fun night!

Super cool Giant's Causeway is worth a visit.

Super cool Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is worth a visit.

In honour of this day, I thought I would take this chance to share some fun photos from that trip!

Otherwise, not much has been going on in the last while. I have been spending a lot of time at home with my dog. Work has been very busy but also very enjoyable with end of the fiscal year wrapping up and planning for the new fiscal year which usually means new programs and initiatives (which is one of my favourite things!). Plus, we are on a spending spree to use up any extra funds on supplies that may not be available to us next year. I am in charge of a lot of this and am pretty good at shopping when it is not for myself!

Famous Belfast murals. Locals say this one makes you feel like the gunman is always pointing at you no matter where you stand.

Famous Belfast murals. Locals say this one makes you feel like the gunman is always pointing at you no matter where you stand.

I have also been looking for some additional part time fun work on the side since my husband works so very many hours and I do 35 or less per week. So, I have been casually looking at the help wanted section of our local Craigslist this last while and applied for only one position that seemed like a good fit.

Since then, I have been interviewed for a very part time (like once every few months) job at a flower shop. I made it clear I have a regular job and not looking for many hours or a career and the owner said she was looking for just such a person to help with her small business. My first shift may be around Mother’s Day which is one of the busiest flower days of the year. How neat is that? My plan is to take all paycheques from this job and deposit in a special savings account. We will see.

Cliffs of Moher-just gorgeous

Cliffs of Moher-just gorgeous!

Today we had great weather-sunshine at last! It has made me very excited about my garden. However, the bad news is that my seedlings have not been doing so well. Some of them have been flopping over. I am guessing this is weakness that is due to low soil temperature (which I fixed by putting the trays in the boiler room) and poor sunlight on all the days it rained (which I fixed by bringing them out of the boiler room but then I had problem one again!). This definitely teaches me that I will just have to wait for March next time rather than February in order to have healthy plants.

Cliff signs!

Cliff signs!

I am hoping this weekend, however, to prepare my two garden beds by turning over all the soil and compost that has been in them since last October and adding some fresh new top soil. My dog loves sitting in the garden beds when they are empty. I think the sun makes them very warm. When planting time comes, I will have to put up our temporary fence to keep her out. I also have to help my sister start her balcony garden but I am not sure if she is truly interested or if it was just a passing fancy. We will see.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough to include several of my Ireland photos! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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