Seedlings 2016…


I used these trays plus small pots from last year for the seeds. A spray bottle helps with watering.

Last week I decided it is time to get going on my indoor seedlings. The sun was due to come out that week quite a bit which I wanted to take advantage of-and I was hoping spring would be right around the corner! By the time spring is full on, I want to get my garden going fast so we can start enjoying our harvest earlier this year. So, I went to the store and bought my starter soil and got to work.

Each pack of seeds (most I already had thanks to my sister’s Christmas gift) has heaps of seeds in it so I only planted some of them and am saving the rest for later. Even then, I am sure I will have way too much left over. However, I am sure I can give away plants when they are bigger and my sister, who is temporarily living with us, has also said she would like some veggies for her morning juicer. I told her that she should start a container garden on her balcony which she can transfer to her city apartment once it is built. I told her I would teach her how to build, grow, and maintain it. So, we are both pretty excited about that. Plus, it will give us something to connect over which we need.

Anyway, here are the things I planted last week:

  • cucumbers & zucchini
  • jalapenos, bell peppers & a special heirloom version of sweet red peppers
  • peas
  • oregano, basil, cilantro,
  • green onions

Sweet garden peas sure do grow fast!

I waited for a few days and there was no action. I worried about too much water, about too little water, about light, and about soil temperature. Then I noticed the peas started sprouting on day 4 (after that it seems as if they are shooting up!). The sun started going away and I got a bit worried about the other dormant seeds so started putting the soil trays into our boiler room which is very warm. I did not have a grow light but left on the regular light and hoped for the best. Shortly after, zucchini and basil began to sprout. Oregano was next. So, I felt better about the boiler room and light situation. Then there was no action for a while. However, as of today, every single thing planted has germinated!

Now, I plan to get them in the sun and natural light whenever possible as the fake light cannot be ideal (the forecast says nothing but rain and clouds for the next 2 weeks but even a few hours a day of natural light I think is better than only fake light!). I also have to make sure they have enough time in our boiler room to keep the soil warm to ensure growth continues (I would hate to have them die off suddenly). The only problem with the boiler room is that I also have to watch the soil carefully to make sure it does not get too dry. I use a spray bottle on them twice a day at this point and keep the shortest ones covered with plastic to create a bit of a greenhouse (or they would be dry very fast). However, some have already grown too tall for this method and soon all of them will. As they get bigger and stronger, I can then move them full time out of the boiler room into the house, then from the house to partial time outdoors, and finally transplanted into the garden. Very excited!


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