Leap Day 2016!

Sunday wine & cheese

Sunday wine & cheese!

Today is a leap day in a leap year…and what a nice day it was. The sun was shining, I had tea with my mom this morning, then a massage, then I went to work where I had a meeting to plan a party (fun, fun!), and then got all sorts of work done quick and easy (felt so great to accomplish things!)…and, last, I left work when it was still daylight out.

Now, am at home, took the dog for a walk, fed her, fed myself (husband had to go out of town til Wed for work), am now catching up on some tv and this blog. It felt great to be so busy and productive today.

Most of this past weekend I stayed home and did not do much (which always puts me in a bad mood). I had to focus on my sweet doggy and the seeds I planted indoors last Monday to keep my mood up (and from bickering with my husband). By the time last night (Sunday) came around, I was doing much better. My husband and I did enjoy a bit of a cocktail hour (which may have helped) in which we had really delicious Georgian wine and some cheese and crackers (my favourite cheese is an aged cheddar and a herb goat cheese-so yummy). The weekend ended well, if nothing else! Now, after this great leap day, am all set for the madness of March!


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