Quality time…


In my February things to look forward to I wrote a comment about quality time. I definitely have been enjoying some of this with friends and family. Each weekend there has been something going on from my husband’s bday celebration, to Lunar New Year, to a bank holiday from work which was spent with family, to Valentine’s Day, to last night (Saturday) when we hosted a sudden dinner party.

My husband invited a gentleman (from his country) over for a formal dinner in the morning (talk about last minute!). The hubby spent all day cooking the basics and I stepped up and helped him by providing a cheese plate, dessert, some appies, and tried to make a nice table. The gentleman came over with his wife, child, and mother who was visiting from abroad. We also invited some other Russian speaking friends and my sister. We had a great time chatting with them, drinking wine, and getting to know them as well a reminiscing about the husband’s home country.

The experience reminded me how important it is to really step back from the daily grind and getting stuck in comfortable patterns of isolation (aka escaping into tv, video games, or movies etc) and make time to socialize. This is one thing I love about other countries and cultures that is much more difficult in North America. Having my husband home more often-his new job has him home every night 🙂 -has been awesome. I am totally enjoying his regular company and hope we have more nights like yesterday.


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