Valentine’s Day 2016…


Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! For my husband and I, it was our 5th Valentine’s Day as a couple. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by but also how many things have changed in our lives since 2011.

valentines-jokes-caOn Saturday night we had a broken-hearted friend stay over as his partner and he had a huge dispute that may end their 10 year relationship. By the next day and from learning more about what exactly went on, I am sure they will probably sort things out in the next few weeks or so. However, we all know what stress these sorts of huge fights create so he needed a lot of support from my husband.

On Valentines morning my husband had to help him move things out of his apartment which took up most of the day. We did squeeze in a quick lunch as a trio. I was hoping we could spend some time together alone later in the day but in the evening my sister-in-law’s sister, who is hoping to become a veterinarian and came from out of town, dropped in for a visit with our pup. By the time everyone was gone, it was too late to go out so we had a quick meal together and watched some tv before going to bed.

I did manage, during the day, to make some Valentine’s Day cupcakes with pink and white buttercream frosting which all the guests and family ate…leaving not even one for my husband. Oh well… it is the effort that counts.


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