Slice of life: February 12th, 2016…


It is 6:00 am and I am wide awake! I decided to take this time to bring my dog into the bedroom for a bit of a snuggle and to spend some time catching up on this blog. So many things have been going on and writing on here can be very therapeutic (after all I stopped journal writing and started this blog around the same time!).

1348967535Tbffe9About a month ago I wrote about my sister being an alcoholic in denial in this post. I am happy to report that on February 1st she said she realized she may have an issue and decided to stop drinking! Part of it she says is that she feels physically unwell (being constantly hung over must be a pain), she wants to be healthier (great!), she wants to save money (she did waste an awful lot of money), and our harassing led her to due an online test about drinking and she realized she has some physical dependency on alcohol which alarmed her (I would say it is more than that but this is a great first step). She also said her partner told her that her behaviour is unacceptable when drinking which we have all echoed. Finally, she also said our harassing (not only mine) and our own giant fight made her worry about our opinion of her. It has been 12 days and she has not had a drink. She seems much more present and interested in life. It has been great and a big stress off my back! Yahoo.

Last month I also posted about friendships. Recently I reached out to another friend I have been losing touch with and learned she is going through a very difficult time. I hope to connect with her soon to not only offer her support but also rekindle things as I do miss her quite a bit. My bestie, who lives in Asia, I have been able to connect with a lot more regularly thanks to Whatsapp! A few messages a week allows me to feel that we are at least keeping up on some of the big things. No matter how long she is gone, however, we always seem to pick up right where we left off.

The last while I have been very busy connecting with my family and husband-who has been home for 2 whole weeks 🙂 We had a birthday dinner for my husband which was nice as my whole family came, one of my sister’s and I went out for tea just the two of us and had a nice long chat, my brother’s fiancee invited us over for dinner and snacks a few times, and my other sister and her boyfriend joined us on a seaside walk and dinner out. Some excellent news is that my husband has secured a local job so will not be away for weeks at a time any longer! Am just thrilled about this-we can finally have some normalcy again (having our own flat back helps a lot too!).

Work has been very intense and stressful, unfortunately. I thought it would slow down this month but it has not. I have learned to leave work at work, however, which has been great. I believe we will have a tumultuous year so I am getting ready to accept that as well as develop some personal goals at work so I can obtain a sense of accomplishment instead of feel as if I was just swept up in the whirlwind of everyday stuff all year. My plan this year is to make some sort of solid contribution. I will have to make some time to sit and plan in which area I wish to do this.

My sweet pup when she was a baby! How fast 9 years go.

Finally, I have been trying to spend as much time as possible with my puppy love who is battling osteo-sarcoma (a horrible bone cancer!). At first she did not need pain medication on a daily basis but now, only a few weeks later, she seems to need it daily. We have been giving her lots of love and attention but worry a lot. I have had bursts of tears but also looked through photos from the past and realized how much joy and love we enjoyed for the past 9 years.

At this very second my baby is fast asleep and my plan is to keep positive but also be very aware of her needs. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the vet who I plan to ask for more info about knowing when the pain is too much and when quality of life is too low as I do not want my dog to suffer. The vet surgeon let us know this cancer can be excruciatingly painful. Just horrible. My husband has been a great support and am so glad he was here these last two weeks.

Other than that, I feel like time has been just flying! In between all the regular madness, I have been trying to squeeze in some time to read, write on here, and have been watching FBI Forensic Files on Netflix which is all about how forensic evidence helps catch criminals. Very interesting but quite disturbing how many people kill each other and why! Lots of crazies out there. Am looking forward to starting indoor seedlings sometime this month as well as Valentines Day (now that I know my husband will be here!). My coin jar is still catching all my coins and small bills. Am thinking I may be saving for fun times on our next vacation but not yet sure. There you have it…a slice of where I am at right now-lots of stuff going on but surviving this roller-coaster.


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