The hubby’s b-day…


Earlier this week we celebrated the hubby’s birthday with a nice dinner out. We invited some of our closest friends and family and a had a nice time chatting, enjoying drinks, and scarfing down some delicious foods! He was not much in the mood to go out with all that is going on but it turned out to be a great stress relief. Later on, at home, we cut an ice cream cake which was great as I have been suffering from a sore throat! We then got to chill out in our own flat which is finally all renovated and coming together. This weekend I hope to finish the last few things to get us 100% settled.

My husband’s wish (possibly his birthday wish!) to find a more local job may be coming true as well. So far he has had 3 job interviews and two seem to be working out. We will find out next week for sure but plan to make the most out of this weekend together as he may be on the road by Tuesday! We will see. Regardless, the hubby’s bday was a nice one but the big one is coming up next February! I will have to get creative for that one.


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