February 2016-Things to look forward to…


feb201629 days this month. It is a leap year! Hopefully that is a good sign. January was a really tough month. There was a lot of stress, a lot of responsibility, a lot of family drama, a lot of work at work with a lot of deadlines, illness, and really sad news about my sweet dog. I really hope February will be better. Here are some things that make me feel like it just may be:

  • Husband`s bday this month!- The cake alone makes me smile.
  • Valentines Day-Some romance mixed into the month is definitely welcome.
  • Husband job change-He has 3 job interviews this week for more local work. I hope he gets one as his current job takes him away for 3 weeks at a time! I really hate all the distance
  • Settling in-Last month I said our renovations would be done in January. Well, they finally were so now we have to resettle into our flat which will be great. Also, my doggy love can come hang out inside more with me.
  • Lunar New Year-I am not Asian but I love this occasion. I hope the year of the Monkey will be awesome.
  • Wrapping up of many work projects-Finally, finally, finally I think work will slow down and I can breathe again. Over Christmas I decided I wanted more balance and that has not been possible so far.
  • Coin jar progress-I have at least 200$ by the end of January. Look forward to see how much I can accumulate in Feb.
  • Gardening-I really have been missing my garden. I did a rotation of the soil earlier this week and think I will start my seeds indoors towards the end of this month… or at least get everything ready if the weather doesn’t improve.
  • Bank holiday-This means a day off work with pay! No complaints about that at all.
  • Vacation booking-I am going to look at the year ahead and start booking off random days to enjoy…I can extend long weekends or create new ones!
  • Quality time-Am going to ensure I have some good quality time in with friends and family this month.

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