Friendships and more…


friendship-dayThe other day I went to visit a friend. We made some coffee, she pulled out some cookies, and we had a good long talk for a couple of hours. It was wonderful. Even now, I am still feeling the good affects of that time spent with her. It also made me realize how important friendship is. Sometimes your family cannot understand you like a friend can.

This last while I also went out to coffee with a friend where we spent hours over cheesecake and coffees. She is a new mom and told me about all her struggles with the time on her hands at home. I shared some of my family dramas and listened to her advice and opinion on things. Always good to get a new perspective.

beleve-cartoon-friend-friendship-love-favim-com-270575Finally, this month I also connected with my friend who was visiting from California. She had a very tight schedule and all we could fit in was lunch and that was pretty great. The last time I saw her was right after I got married so we had a lot to talk about. It was also neat to see all the great progress and wonderful things going on in her life. I looked forward to our visit all week-and will look forward to the next one!

These three interactions with three wonderful ladies were really great and just what I needed with all the stress of everyday things and work going on. I realized how healthy it is just to talk and share with others so last week I invited one of my sisters out to lunch. I consider her the sister I can closest to in many ways and we had a nice long talk about all that is going on in our lives. That conversation and a few other things led me to start speaking to the sister I wrote about in the previous post. Cutting her off is not going to help her with her drinking issues. We are now cautiously talking about everyday things again and I hope we can soon speak about her issues in a more civilized manner. The good news is that she seems to have drastically cut down on drinking. I am sure it had to do with our big scene.

Anyway, I realize how important the people in your life are and I am going to do my best to stay more connected with everyone this year. Friends and family can be such a great source of support, fun, and happiness. You gotta value  and be thankful for that!


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