How to cope with an alcoholic in denial?


How does one cope with an alcoholic who is in denial? My sister recently moved in with us due to her condo being under construction (and getting kicked out of the place she was temporarily renting due to an alleged crazy room-mate). Her boyfriend and her had a fight and the holidays came and went but at the end of the year I expressed some concern. She flew into a rage and denied she had any issues saying she was going through a tough time due to the fight, the being kicked out of the apartment, and the holidays in general. She said it was normal to drink during vacation times. She rarely seems animated or interested in anything unless she is drinking. I said we would see in January.

alcohol-drug-abuse-6-638January has come and there is no change. I am pretty certain she drinks daily. She does so alone in her bedroom and the times she has come out to chat she is always wasted. When she is not drinking it is because she just got home from work or is going to work…but then she goes into her room for the night and does whatever she does. On weekends she sometimes goes off with her boyfriend for a night or two but when she is back and we see her the next morning she seems intoxicated. Either she is drinking in the morning or drunk from the night before. Even Christmas Eve she was clearly intoxicated at 10am! She seems to think we cannot tell but but we can. I did a self assessment online about if one is an alcoholic and the test result suggested she needs help. I even spoke to an addictions counselor at work regarding her.

My mother confronted her last night and she blew up at me assuming I was the one who was spreading “rumors” about her. She called me all kinds of nasty names and I lost it! I stormed into her room and we had it out…but I quickly realized she was drunk even then. I was so enraged I refused to leave her room until she apologized. She did and it did not help. I told her-and texted her so she can remember today-to not to speak to me until she gets help for herself which I am sure she will not. I am not sure what to do now!


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