January madness…


I went to work on Monday and had a wonderful day. I spent the whole day chatting, gossiping, and catching up with people since I had all of December off. I opened holiday gifts and cards. I felt missed, I felt special, and I was happy. I realized how much I love my work-but most of all the great people that make work so great.

The rest of the week was…madness. I had a month of work to catch up on, all kinds of reports and applications due, new things popping up, old things I ignored returning to haunt me, and all kinds of complaints from things that other staff or management did over the last month from Christmas party faux pas, to putting in place new policies, critiques on the company holiday card, to feelings of exclusion and bitterness. It was crazy. It all came to a head in a staff meeting where some of the staff, who have all kinds of frustration bottled in, exploded and a manager burst into tears of frustration! This, I thought, is week one of the new year??? Sure enough it was all sort of resolved as much as possible and dealt with in a follow up meeting. However, I could not help but think back to my husband driving his truck and not having to deal with anyone at all. How nice! Such freedom from office politics, political correctness, and so much more. But, there is some fun and entertainment in office drama. Ha ha ha.



Anyway, the month off last month made me realize that when I go back to work this year I need to take a step back and not get so involved in everything. Work has always been a huge part of my life. When I was single I often had multiple jobs, when I got married it was trickier but I was all in all the time at work. Now, I decided, I want to make sure I have more balance in my life. After all, this is my life and work is not everything. Also, the decision to move forward with starting a family sometime this year is also a huge one and has given me a new perspective on what and who is important in life.

cleaningjokeDespite these calm thoughts it has been crazy outside of work as well. My husband left for his work last Thursday which means after 3 weeks of togetherness I am solo again for most of this month.  This basically means I have to do everything of importance in our household for not only myself and him but my parents. My sister is living in the same house as us while she waits for her building to be ready. She had a rough December so I took on everything but now that it is January and she has gotten back together with her partner, I expect her to start pitching in. So far, I noticed, she is pretty useless at doing anything. We will see.

So far this week I had a lot going on at home as well. I organized the delivery of the new bed we purchased on Boxing Day for my father (and the removal of the old one). I had new floors ordered and delivered this week for our flat which I had to stack since the deliverers left it in a big heap! (But at least I can move back in and have some privacy once it is all sorted). Our clothes dryer is being repaired (the guy is very slow-he took it all apart and disappeared) so I am air drying everything by hanging clothes over the stair handrails. I do not really mind this, though, and it is great for the environment. Our hot water tank began leaking and was replaced back in December. I finally got a scrap metal pick up service to take away the old one that sat outside for weeks! My doggy has an injury which is slowly getting better, thankfully, but it had me worried all week. I managed to book in one physio appointment and one massage appointment but not sure when I can fit in the next ones. Since the physio I felt my pain increase which is also making me super irritated!!

All these life logistics have been keeping me busy and irritated. However, I think it was just a week of madness getting all that stuff sorted out and it should be much better for the rest of the month. At least I hope so! If not, I may need another vacations soon…but this one will need to be somewhere far far far away. 🙂


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