January 2016: Things to look forward to…


jan2016I just cannot believe it is a new year. It feels like just recently it was January 1st 2015 and I read So Long, Marianne in one or two sittings that day. But, here we are and it is 2016. January is a tough month. This time it will feel very lonely since my husband has been with me for 3 weeks straight and in January he will probably only be around 1-2 times the entire month! Not much to look forward to but here is what I can mention:

  • Since I have been off work for a month it will be interesting to go back and see all that has gone on plus I will probably (hopefully) have a lot of Christmas cards full of lovely words waiting for me that will, no doubt, lift my spirits.
  • I need to get back to my accident recovery plan which was disrupted by the holidays. This means going back to physiotherapy and massages on the regular. I do enjoy these.
  • I started in December but have decided to pull out the old coin jar and start saving money for something special again. Am not yet sure what though.
  • My husband and I have been living in the main house with my parents (and more recently my sister who moved home after a disastrous roommate affair) due to leaks and problems in our in-house flat. However, in January all the renovations will be complete and I can feel as if I have privacy again when we move back (this has been going on since late September!).

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