Christmas 2015…


Christmas 2015 is all over and done with…and I am relieved. The last few weeks both my husband and I have been off work. We enjoyed a lot of quality time together (and some quality disagreements ha ha ha) and it has been great. We finished all our Christmas shopping nice and early and have been enjoying being home and just relaxing. I read novels, he played video games, we gave our doggy an overdue bath, we watched the latest season of the Walking Dead, we helped my sister move from her apartment, took my parents out shopping and out to lunch, we watched a lot of movies, and really just took it easy. That part was all good.

This year we had planned a bit of a subdued Christmas since my aunt passed away earlier this year. On Christmas Eve my sister took my husband and I out to lunch before we bought our final groceries for the next few days. We were very happy to see it was snowing (which happens about once every 10 years or so!). In the evening, we had a quiet family Christmas Eve dinner and open our gifts at 12 midnight as we usually do with just immediate family only. I was super irritated, however, when my brother bailed at the last minute on the dinner. It threw my mood off for the rest of the night (the inconsiderateness drives me crazy). The dinner was a success though with delicious food, spiced apple cider, mulled wine, and I made amazing cupcakes with buttercream icing that were a hit.

We had a lot of gifts under the tree and am very pleased that I got many of the things on my list plus a few extras. My husband knew I loved driving his car while he was away due to the heated seats so he bought me a car seat warmer and massager! I will really love driving this winter, I think. This year we also included my brother’s girlfriend’s sister since she was in town and would have been alone. I hope she enjoyed herself.

Anyway, on Christmas morning my husband and I drove my brother and his girlfriend to the airport for their vacation. Luckily a Starbucks was open so we had coffee on the way. While the girlfriend was busy he showed us an engagement ring. He plans to finally propose to her on New Year’s Eve. Very exciting for them! I think the plan is for them to get married in June. After we dropped them off we came home and had a long nap, had another yummy homemade dinner, had family visit us, and decided to go to the late show at the cinema where we caught a movie with my sister and cousin who shared all the family gossip with us.

Today, Boxing Day, I usually do not leave the house as I hate the crowds and chaos but all of us siblings wanted to treat my dad to a new bed for his Christmas gift. He insisted we at least save money and get the gift today instead of before Christmas so we went to the mall and got a great deal on a new bed. It will be coming on the 30th. Today we are supposed to go to a holiday dinner put on by my husband’s community (who celebrate Orthodox Christmas on January 7th) but may not have the energy. After this, I have only another week or so off work and then will be back to work and normal life where I am sure I will get caught up in the daily grind again! Having all this time off has made me reflect on life and happiness and I have definitely come to realize, it is soon time to add a baby to the family. I think next year will be our year.


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