Omaha, here I come!


1697788-poster-omahaTomorrow I am flying to Omaha, Nebraska. Sounds awful, right? But, I am very excited as I have not seen my husband in 2.5 weeks and he will be picking me up at the airport. We will spend the night there and then be driving a truck trailer for a few days through the mid-west all the way to Oregon. From there, we will go home.

At home, he has an interview for a local job that will bring him home each night (or worst case every other night once in a while) which is a big improvement from being away 2-3 weeks at a time. When he became a driver, he really wanted to try the long haul route lifestyle and see the US and Canada. Very quickly he realized it sounded much better than it was and there is not much to see other than highways and there is a lot of waiting and time wasting involved. Plus, he hated (and I mean hated) being away from me (which is kinda sweet). So, luckily, he has a job interview for a short haul driver job which pays well and this will probably be a good fit for him. I was planning on joining him on the road to see what truck driving life is like and now this may be his last drive. Since I am off work anyways and it will be rather short trip, I may as well give it a go!

Omaha skyline-looks pretty nice.

Omaha skyline-looks pretty nice.

The husband is currently spending the night in Flint, Michigan. So we mapped out his route for the next few days and looked at possible flights and our meeting point will be Omaha at 11pm tomorrow. Today, in preparation for this trip, I ran around grabbing DVDs, library books, and music for our trip.It should take 4-5 days before arriving home again. I think I can handle that whereas a two-three weeker may have been a nightmare. I guess it all worked out. Am excited for this little journey but most of all it will be great to spend some quality time on the road with the husband!

nebraskaimages11Never been to Omaha or Nebraska (and probably will not see much of it other than highways) but here are some impressive and fun Nebraska facts to make up for my “sounds awful” above:

  • Kool-Aid was invented in this state!
  • State insect is the honey bee (good and useful choice)
  • The Lied Jungle is the worlds largest indoor rain-forest and is located in Omaha.
  • Spam is produced in this state
  • It has the largest aquifer in the US and the most miles of river in the US.
  • It is located in Tornado Alley.
  • The 911 emergency system was first used in this state.
  • World’s largest porch swing (seats 25 people) is located here.

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  1. I just visited Omaha over Thanksgiving and was pleasantly surprised. This city is actually becoming a very foodie city, has three new craft breweries and is home to more Fortune 500 companies per capita. They just built a really awesome walk/bike bridge over the river to connect them to the neighboring city of Council Bluffs. We like it so much (especially the lack of traffic jams) that we’re putting it on our place to possibly move to. I think the stigma that it’s a flyover state in Nebraska keeps people from flooding it like they do places like Portland or Austin. Hope you enjoyed your time there!

    • Hi, just got back but did not get to spend much time in Omaha as we were on the road most of the time but what I saw was great. Seems likes a great little city!! You never know til you go check it out. Every place I have been has definitely had something to offer.

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