December 2015: Things to look forward to…


decpicmonthThis will be a fantastic month! I am hoping to end this year with lots of love and happiness. Here are all the great things I have to look forward to:

  • Vacation time from work! I will be off for a whole 4 weeks! This will be a perfect opportunity to really get back to life and disconnect from all the craziness at work. Am sure, as usual, it will give me a great perspective on my overall life and when I return in January I am sure I will be truly refreshed.
  • Time. Due to the vacation I will have time. Time for me…to do anything I want. I will have to decide where to focus my energies this month.
  • Going on the road! My husband, a recent long haul truck driver, should be on a job in early December. I will be joining him on the road and we will be driving somewhere together. Am excited to spend all that great time with him but also get a glimpse into his work-life. I hope we get to go somewhere new, though!
  • Dad’s bday! My dad celebrates another year this month. The only difficult part is coming up with a decent gift for him.
  • Christmas! In the dead of winter we all need the cheer this holiday brings. I look forward to all the preparation and hustle bustle of the holidays. Small things to look forward to are: mulled wine, Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, decorating, holiday meals, Christmas music, and some quiet days when all the stores and world seems to shut down.
  • New Years Eve. After several quite dull NYEs I want to make sure this year is a bit brighter. We have been talking about a siblings and partners trip to Las Vegas (which I thought was perfect) but it was recently pulled off the table. Will have to come up with something to make the day special.

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