November blues 2015…


I have been a very bad blogger lately. Hopelessly dull blog I have right now but what can I say? There is not much interesting going on right now. Since my work event wrapped up last week things are on a slow decline at work which is just what I need. I sent in two grant applications this week (today!) and have one more left. After that all I have to worry about is one report, one survey, and a few forms before I take off for almost a whole month off. (I am still waiting for the official approval but am sure it will work out). January will be a nightmare but I will think about that later!!

My husband has been gone since Thursday and I really miss him. He arrived in Texas today to drop off a lumber shipment and tomorrow will be told where he is off to next. Am hoping he will be back early next week and then we can take off on one of his drives together for the following Friday. We will see. On the weekend we were talking and are shocked that our 5 year wedding anniversary will be coming up in 6 months. The time has just flown by and we still feel quite newly married!

This past weekend some of my November blues kicked in. I had no desire to go outside or leave the house. All of Saturday I moped about watching bad tv and tracking my husband as he made his way through different states. In the evening I had to get productive so did some vacuuming and hauled out the Christmas decorations and tree. I prefer a real tree but my brother bought a fake one for my visiting niece and nephew last year which has been left here so I decided to assemble it. It seemed as if a glitter bomb exploded all over our floor by the time I had decorated it!!! Am not thrilled with it as he also purchased the decorations which are all blue and silver. Seems a bit cold so I plan to do some shopping this weekend to spice it up. I also dug out and put up our indoor lights as it was too cold outside to bother with the outdoor ones. Looks wonderful inside and it made me spend some time compiling a Christmas wish list as well a list of gift ideas for others.

This week I plan to work hard so I can vacation hard. I also had a massage appointment today (which was wonderful and painful at the same time) and will have two physiotherapy sessions this week. The physiotherapy has been intense (so far I have had 3 sessions). I feel pain for the whole day afterwards and have to do all kinds of exercises at home but am doing it all so I can get better fast. Back pain is a total nightmare and I wish I never had this car accident. I am shocked it is almost December and I am still dealing with it all. I cannot wait until it is over. The good news is that I am driving my husband’s truck which has wonderful heated seats. I just want to drive around in circles all day so I can enjoy them 🙂

Well, this rambling blog entry covers all I have been up to lately. Not the most exciting but definitely just a little slice of my life these days.


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