Bring on Christmas!


xmas2015greetingsAhhh….. my big work event wrapped up today. It went well. I am very pleased. Now, I am just going to do my regular and usual work without taking on anything new. I need to also prepare for almost a month of vacation time! All this was decided in the last while. Am going to take a week or two to join my husband on the road, then come back home for Christmas, and then we may take a sibling and spouses trip to Las Vegas for the New Year. Since I may be away for a big chunk of December, I say bring on Christmas at my house as soon as possible. Am thinking of putting up my tree this weekend in fact!!

In the last while, I spent a good week with my husband after he had been away 13 whole days. We snuggled and cuddled, watched movies, went out to eat, and were oh so happy! But then today he was off again on another long haul drive. This time he is driving solo and will be away another week or two. However, the good news is that I should be going with him on his next drive. Am super excited. I will get to get a glimpse into his new world and we will spend so much time roaming North America together which will be just like our dating days in an old Lada roaming the Caucasus.

So, this weekend, I will put up our tree and brighten up the house for everyone to enjoy. Bring on Christmas!


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