November holidays…


My 2015 clay lamp set.

So yesterday was November 11th. It was also Remembrance Day and Diwali-the only 2 special November days that both happened to be on the same day this year. I had the day off work and really needed it. Monday and Tuesday this week were very stressful. There seems to be a lot going on and this just reminds me that I need to stick to my own rule that I made earlier this month in a previous post that stated I would not take on new projects at work but focus on dealing with the existing ones. Am going to have to be strict with myself on that one! In the meantime, I will need to prioritize and get serious about my projects as I plan to be away for most of December if my boss gives me the go ahead.

Anyway, by the time I woke up yesterday I decided to set aside all work stuff and focus on the other parts of my life. I posted something about Remembrance Day on my work Facebook page that I am responsible for until our marketing person is hired. I already had purchased and have been wearing my poppy. I figured that was about all I could do for that occasion so instead focused on Diwali.

Since many people are choosing to have a subdued Diwali due to unrest in India, I decided we better move along that vein as well. I spent the morning cleaning up the house and then went out to purchase a set of lamps. Each year I try to buy one new fancy set which I add to my collection. I usually prefer to use candles in them and not use the traditional oil and wick (they are kinda messy!). When evening came I lit them all up and it was lovely and relaxing. Marking this occasion in this symbolic way really did touch my heart. After all, the meaning of the holiday is about the triumph of light over darkness (or good over evil) and this month I take it a bit literally. Ha ha ha.

My aunt and uncle came for a visit which was great as I had not seen them in some time. My sister also came over and we were going to bake some sweet treats together but decided not to as my father brought home some traditional Indian sweets which are so sweet that one does not need anything else! Later that evening, I just caught up on silly and light tv shows. All in all, a good day! Hope everyone else enjoyed their day and Diwali as well.


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