Emotional rollercoaster of a weekend…


Okay, yesterday was a horrible day for me. I just felt miserable and irritable all day. I spent the day eating junk, playing my farm computer game, watching part of season 3 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and being miserable. I forced myself to get out of the house and buy some groceries hoping it would break me through the black clouds but it did not. I even broke down in tears while Skyping my husband who was stuck in Texarkana due to delays in his work. Not sure why I was in such a foul mood. Could have been the incessant rain, the lack of productivity, or something else that just made me feel horrible.

Today, was a a whole different day. I woke up feeling just fine. The storm had passed. Thank goodness. I think it was, in part, my November blues which I just wrote about how to combat in my last post but I guess they snuck up on me this time. Anyway, today was nice. I took my mom to an art gallery to view displays from Indian artists. She was not really impressed and felt there was not much to see. Ha ha ha. I tried to explain that quantity was not what is desired but the overall flow and theme and all that but she was not buying it. We also went to the public library where I stocked up on organic gardening magazines and she actually took out some books as well. Finally we went to a local garden centre where I found the perfect protection device for my now outdoor lemon tree. If it gets cold, I will be prepared.

At home I spent some time in the garden. I added kitchen veggies scraps to the compost, chopped up and added the carved Halloween pumpkins which I have been letting sit all this time, tossed in some shredded cardboard, and I quickly mowed a bit of the lawn to add some grass clippings. My dog was not impressed as she hates the lawnmower. I then topped it all off with a layer of dirt. I felt great after this activity and realize how good working with the earth feels. It is definitely right. Definitely some deep psychological need is being met. I am really looking forward to next year.

Anyway, I also did some online shopping and ordered customized Christmas ornaments for my niece and nephew which I will mail over to them or send with my other sister who plans on visiting them this holiday season. I may end up in Florida as well this Christmas but it will all depend on what is going on with my husband who has been on the road for a week. The week was not bad as I was really busy with work during the weekdays but I do really miss him. He had to drive all the way down to Harlingen, Texas, which is right near the Gulf of Mexico. Since then he made his way to Houston, Texas, to pick up the next load and is currently spending the night somewhere in Illinois. Whatever he is hauling now must make its way to Montreal, Quebec. After that, I am hoping he is picking up something that will bring him back over to the Pacific coast of the continent where we live. That way he can drop whatever it is off and come home for a few days!!! This truck driver world is a whole new world for us and he has been sharing his discoveries with me. Am looking forward to joining him on the road in early December just to get a taste of his soon to be regular reality. I have to admit I am bit jealous about all that freedom on the open road.


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