Health & wellness plan for the month…


wellnesswordelNovember gets me down. The very first day of this month I was already feeling it despite a morning boost with daylight savings time giving me an hour extra of light. I do not want to feel this way all month so am going to be pro-active in combating it! Now, I am sure it will not all be solved by my planning but I think by focusing on health and wellness, I can at least make some difference. So, here are my goals and plans for the month:

  • I have a massage with registered therapist once a week which I will take advantage of. This is mainly to help with my back issues but also gives me some relaxing me time.
  • I will see my doctor to check in on my post accident treatment. My medicine is almost out so that is a motivator!
  • I have been given a referral to physio so need to start soon. Hopefully this will get me all recovered as this accident related injury has been dragging on and on. Just last week I had my last chiro appointment which was stage one of the treatment.
  • Next I plan to use my LOSE IT app which I did not do at all in October. I find using it influences my food choices and I make much better ones when the app is being used. I want to eat “cleaner” as they say as it really makes me feel much better. I usually only notice when I start eating bad stuff again.
  • I will also have breakfast regularly this month and try to take packed lunches to work as much as possible.
  • The dentist is also on the list! Until my appointment date comes up later in the month, I will floss regularly!!
  • Work related plans include: not taking on any new projects but cleaning up those existing and taking it easy after the event I host mid-month. Finally, I will look at my vacation bank and book more days off for December (which is when I hopefully get to join my husband on the road).
  • For my mental well being, I think I also need to do some activity outside in nature. Winter garden work would be a good idea (maybe some mulching time or prepare the lemon tree for winter). Honestly, anything would be good for my spirit.
  • I want to join the gym and this would be an ideal time but have been advised to take it slow until I recover from the back injury. So, I will try to do gentle natural exercise instead.
  • Based on life so far this month, I think my husband will be away quite a bit so I need to fill my time with positive things instead of just working a lot or being on the computer all the time. I need to stock up on library books and magazines, find a good tv show to watch on Netflix (but not too much!), get out to meet friends, and enjoy the days my husband is home. I also should chip away at my long term project of decluttering, cleaning, and organizing my parent’s house one room at a time.

I think, if all of the above happens, I should be able to survive this month just fine. We will see!


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