November 2015: Things to look forward to…


november_final3Oh no-it is Novmeber! This is one of my least favourite months and I always dread it. It is partly due to the weather and start of days getting dark very early. It brings on the depressing feelings. Even the holidays this month (Remembrance Day) border on depressing! Luckily, I have a few things to look forward to this month and they are:

  • Daylight Savings-the clocks go back an hour which means more sleep! This was today and I already enjoyed it since we were up late with our Halloween events and this morning my husband had to leave early for work so the extra hour made a big difference. Also, I appreciate the extra light each day.
  • Am hosting a fabulous event at work mid-month which I am excited about.
  • Remembrance Day = a day off work with pay! Always good.
  • Diwali-an Indian holiday my family celebrates (which is a bit complicated this year due to unrest in the motherland)
  • Since my husband is on the road and since my fabulous work event is coming up I am expecting to work a lot. Am looking forward to banking all the extra hours which I will later use to hopefully join my husband on the road for his first solo drive which may be in November or December.
  • This month I plan to use my time wisely and focus on my health. I was so busy I let things slide in October but that will not be the case this month.

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