Happy Halloween 2015!


halloweenhappyHappy Halloween! It is 8:45 am, Saturday, and raining cats and dogs outside. Our plan today was to host a little Halloween get together for some family and friends. I will still do so but my husband has been called away to work. I am a bit irritated as he arrived home Thursday night, spent Friday working but not driving a truck, and then this morning at 6:30 am he was up and out the door for another trip to Texas! The only time we managed to squeeze in together despite me taking half the day off was spent doing laundry and running over to T-Mobile so he could get a second US cell phone that offers free calling to anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico and 3G of data since he was starved for the internet all of last week. His next trip was supposed to be AFTER our Halloween party and AFTER a weekend off (during which we were supposed to spend time together) but his boss begged him to go with a newer driver. Argh! This is exactly what I was not looking forward to.

So, now, I have to carve the pumpkins (which I was saving for him) all by myself, buy the candy, cook all by myself, and host this party alone. Luckily, it is small in scale! I am also expecting at least 100 trick or treaters at the door tonight. My decorations were hung up last week and include orange mini-lights which cast a spooky glow! Am also going to bake some special treats for the guests (hopefully I won’t eat them all first!). We will see! But for now, I wish everyone a happy, safe, and spooky Halloween!

**November 1st update-at around 2pm yesterday my husband showed up at our house to surprise me. He managed to convince his boss to let him go today instead of yesterday as he knew the party was something I was looking forward to. We had a fun night and this morning he left for Texas. Am so happy to have such a sweet, caring, and thoughtful partner. 


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