Career checkpoint…


The last week or so has felt like a whirlwind! Both my husband and I have been intensely focused on our careers and future plans for work. For me, work has been very busy just as I predicted and just the way I like it. Things will now slow down a bit since I have taken a day off for tomorrow and Monday is a bank holiday. That gives me 4 days to slow down and take care of me before jumping into the tornado again! October is my favourite work month.

Another interesting development for me is that I applied for a new position a few weeks ago with a different organization. It was a bit on a whim but I wanted to see if I am still in the game! I am currently at a manager level at my work and this one is at a director level.  Today they contacted me and have invited me in for an interview next week. I am very excited although I am not sure I will take it if offered. Reasons are that it is further from my home, remuneration may not be high enough to be worth the drive, I may have better benefits and vacation at my current job, and I may be able to negotiate a higher wage at my current job. I also really like my job most of the time BUT there is no opportunity for advancement. I could stay and make a career out of it but have never been a career type so far (but also have never been married before). If my husband and I also want to start a family that would motivate me to potentially stay on but not sure what is going on with his career. We will have to see. For now, I will at least do the interview and learn more about the position and organization before making any decisions.

As for my husband, as you may know from earlier posts, he has decided he wants to be a commercial driver. See previous posts for my thoughts on this but just a few days ago, he passed the final requirement to get a license-the road test-on his first attempt. He was over the moon with joy since he has been fixated on getting into this industry since our August trip through the Canadian Rockies. He immediately quit his job-which I chose not to give him hell for as I knew I could support us-and we spent a whole day sending out his resume to everyone and anyone who may possible hire as he was super eager to get a job right away. Monday to Wednesday he was dejected when he obtained interested calls that went south once they realized he had no local North American experience. Only one company invited him to an actual interview.

At the interview he got the impression the interviewers were not truly interested although they asked him to do the mandatory US Department of Transportation drug screenings and hand in a driving record. There was no word and they suddenly stopped answering his calls. He was very depressed but then suddenly today they asked him to go on a ride along as a trial with another driver for a 24 hour trip. I came home to no husband which I realize may be the norm soon. I will have to deal with this, I guess, as I have to support his ambitions and dreams. He called me on a break and said all is well and he is loving it. We will see. His long term plan is to get experience and then purchase his own truck and become an owner/operator and work for himself. I do not know what to think about that yet so we are just taking it one step at a time. His potential employer did hint husband and wife driving teams do exceptionally well financially and he looks for these types of teams! My husband suggested this to me as well for the future but it is definitely not an option at this point. Will have to write another post of why it may be a potential as I was surprised by what I learned about the industry.

Anyway, all this career and job related stuff has come up in the last while. We have both been at our jobs for about 3 years and personally I believe 3-5 years is about the time to start looking for new things if there is no opportunity for advancement. He has made his big change (and I hope he is very successful and happy) but these next few months I think I need to map out my plans for career and family. Interesting stuff and interesting times in the life of this 33 year old!


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