October 2015: Things to look forward to…


octoberMy favourite month is here! I have a lot to look forward to this month. Here is my list:

  • Days off and long weekends! I will have at least one of each this month due to a vacation day booked and a long weekend during Canadian Thanksgiving/Columbus Day in the US. This means most work weeks are 4 day weeks this month.
  • Halloween is one of my favourite occasions. This year we may host a small get together.
  • Husband, hopefully, getting his commercial driving license this month. If so, the job hunt is on and things could change a lot for our lifestyle.
  • Third year anniversary at work…means I will now get 5 weeks of vacation each year rather than 4!
  • The true arrival of autumn. Hopefully we will have some nice crisp weather to enjoy early in the month before it starts getting chilly around the end of the month. I love this season.
  • Fun at work. Usually we have our annual fundraising campaign start this month at work and it makes work a lot more fun.
  • Busy times at work-this month there are a lot of meetings, a lot of trainings, and a lot to do which means the work days go fast and feel productive.
  • This month I will probably wrap up my garden and prepare it for winter. Will start focusing on indoor tasks.

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