My long weekend…


This Bissell Little Green machine is amazing!

So one of the things I was looking forward to this month was a random day off (Friday the 25th) so I could enjoy a long weekend. I wanted to be productive on Friday so decided to take care of a long overdue task: cleaning the long neflected sofas. I used the Bissell Little Green machine that my parents own and it was great. It worked like a charm and was easy to use. The only problem is that the special soap recommended for it could have been better smelling. I also did the sofas for my parents and they were thrilled as they are not up to such tasks anymore. This autumn and winter I hope to take care of one major task a week for them.

Next, I investigated the floorboards that have started to warp in one of our rooms by pulling up one of the boards and was horrified to find water! My husband came home and we spend most of the rest of Friday and Saturday pulling up all the boards, cleaning and disinfecting, and creating chaos by moving our belongings around. The whole lower floor will need replacement and a plumber will need to come in this week to locate where the water is coming from. What a pain! Am not pleased but hope it will be dealt with quickly so we can settle down again.

We were so tired on Saturday after all that nonsense that we drove to my sister’s place for dinner…and ended up going out for dinner since she was not capable of cooking. I was too tired to do much more so we went home afterwards-but I did give her bell peppers, basil, and tomatoes from my garden as a gift. Today was a much easier day. Since it was sunny I mowed the lawn while my husband was at his truck driving lesson, we went out to lunch with friends we had not seen in a while, and did some browsing in a few shops. One of these was a craft and decor shop where I noticed all sorts of cute Halloween decorations. We may host a party this year so I may need to return to pick up some decor. Such cute stuff.

Anyway, back to regular life tomorrow. Luckily, I am starting my week with a massage (ever since the start of September).. Unluckily, it is not the most relaxing as the purpose of my weekly Monday  massages is to heal my back after my car accident. I find myself in sore or in pain regularly and am hoping this treatment-amongst others-will solve all of this soon. It has been a long 3 months. That’s it for now.


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