He did it!


A while back I posted about how my husband wants to pursue a commercial driving license. Step one was passing a few written tests and attending a mandatory course. This, he worried, would be the hardest part due to English being his second (well… fourth actually) language. And it was! But, he has finally passed. It took a lot of work and time to understand the concepts but I am very proud of him.

Now, he is enrolled in a driving school which will teach him all the rest-and this will free up a lot of my time as well. No more tutoring or translating or practice-testing! His big test after the driving lessons will be sometime in October and hopefully he will pass on the first go. It is great to see him so excited about this and pursuing what he is interested in and not being deterred by the tough process. Still not thrilled about this potential line of work but am glad he is the type of guy that follows through on things. Anyway, just wanted to give an update on this!


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