The skinny jeans fit!


Last September I got serious about taking care of myself and losing the weight I had gained over three years since getting married. This was in addition to general health and wellness. I started by doing a health and wellness challenge last September. Read about it in these posts: one, two, three, four, five, and six. I lost 7lbs in the month and was very impressed with myself. But, I lost all interest from October-January and gained 3lbs back!

Here is the app!

Here is the app!

At the end of January 2015, I decided to start using a weight loss app called LOSE IT. All it involved was tracking calories and sticking to your caloric budget. I admit I did cheat quite a bit but it still worked as long as generally I stuck to it. Since we had a ski trip going on at the end of January and had to eat hotel food at the resort, I basically started using it seriously in February. I set a goal of 11 lbs for myself and as of this week, I have hit it! I know it is not super impressive over the span of 7ish months but it was almost completely painless. All of this means, since last September, I have lost a total of 15 lbs! Now that, to me, is impressive (especially the painless part!).

dietjeanscomicThis 15lbs was my goal on my list of 32 last year and I did not quite hit it in time but can say I have now. The September month long challenge was not very sustainable I have realized and led to me gaining most of it back but the calorie tracking really led me to be more aware of what and how much I was eating. I also took off 2 months from it and thinking about any food issues during the summer when my niece and nephew were visiting but did not really see much of a weight gain (just a bit which vanished quite quickly once I started using the app again). So, the lesson learnt? Slow and steady really means things are being done right and the weight will be off permanently-but you should still keep your eye on things.

This kind of weight loss I also did not really notice as it was so gradual. However, yesterday, I pulled out my old skinny jeans which I stopped wearing a few years ago as I could no longer button them up and was delighted to realize they fit! And buttoned! And looked great! I had to run and share with my husband who was very impressed as he did not notice it so much with the gradual weight loss.

I plan to put in a new target goal of another 10 lbs to work on. After that, I think I will be pretty satisfied with my weight and then will only work on maintaining.


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