Husband is looking for a career change…


classalicensepicWhen we were on our Canadian Rockies trip, my husband took note of all the semi-trucks on the highways and mentioned that when he was a kid he always wanted to drive these big rigs. He said he always imagined the drivers going all over Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, and into Russia and dreamed of pursuing this but the only way to get these kinds of jobs in his home country was to know the right people! A day or so after returning from the trip, he let me know he seriously wanted to pursue getting this commercial license. I was not pleased as I really do not want him going after this kind of work as it is not only dangerous but means lots of days and nights away from home, a sedentary job, probably lots of fast food, and all kinds of other negative things. However, I had to respect the fact that this is something he wants to try out for himself. I would not be pleased if he tried to hold me back from pursuing something I felt I wanted to try.

So, we looked into it and found out all the steps. He immediately registered for a mandatory 2 day course for the air brakes and began to prepare for the first written test. The first time around he was 4% short of passing. He took it very hard but I reminded him English is not his native language and he did very well for a first shot. He did the test again after some more studying and passed with a nice score of 96%. He is now on to the second step which is a general knowledge test. I am guessing we will spend the next month or so doing a lot of studying! After that, he will have to enroll with a professional school and pass driving tests which I am sure he will. He is very excited and motivated to get this license and try out being a “transport operator”.

I made him aware I did not think it was the best line of work and he reassured me he had to at least give it a try. He made it clear he does not want to be stuck in his current job forever and as an immigrant who has had to start from scratch it is a good career path for him. It is also well paying if you buy your own truck which is already his plan. I did some research and truck drivers or “transport operators” will be highly in demand in the next 10 years. They also have a decent salary if they are willing to do the long drives. My husband agrees there are a lot of negatives but said he wants to make some good money while he is young and save enough for a future career. He also said it was a childhood dream and he wants to at least give it a try. Nothing is forever, after all. Well, I have to respect all that. So, I guess I may be a truck driver’s wife at some point this year or early next year. We will see what happens. For now, I will just keep on being a supportive partner. Maybe it will be a good thing. We will see.


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