Good August days…


Am feeling pretty good these days! Life is finally slowing down again and I am loving it. At work, I have wrapped up some of the major projects I was stuck with and plan on focusing on a few small ones before claiming my freedom at last. However, the pace is already much better and am happy with my job overall. My boss approved a request for all kinds of random days off from now until the end of the year. So, I will have all those to look forward to in the coming months-plus enough hours to take on a real vacation should the opportunity come up!

Earlier this month, I also got to spend some good quality time with my friend who is visiting. We had a nice sit down and some real and genuine conversations. She is going through a bit of a tough time in her life but things should be better in a year and a half when her work goals can finally be met and she will have more options. I have known this woman since grade 9. We are both very different but have a great relationship and both lead very different lives. It is hard to know she is struggling but also great to know she has a plan will find her way out of her situation one way or another in the next year or two. It is also amazing to see how much she had grown in the last while-sadly this growth was due to difficult situations but it has also made her clearly much stronger and widened her perspective.

I am also back on track with using calorie tracking app (LOSE IT) and back down to the weight I was at before I took my two month break (due to my niece and nephew visiting). It has been great to get back in the kitchen and make fresh and healthy snacks and meals-especially since I have been able to use some of the products that have been growing in my garden patch! One of my favourite fresh things to eat is a tomato and basil salad.

I really wanted to enjoy more time with my husband this month since so many people have been around all summer and we have not had much time to ourselves. We recently decided to get Netflix (which is a pretty good service) and spent a whole evening watching 3 movies in a row! One was about a woman getting  fake fiance for a Thanksgiving meeting with her parents, the other about a reclusive writer who stopped writing and moved to Italy and the young man who has to inspire him to write again, and the last was about a man who sleeps with an older woman, dumps her for a younger woman, and then the younger woman turns out to be the daughter of the original woman. Not sure who chooses which movies get on Netflix but it was exactly the evening I had in mind-watching movies, cuddling on the coach, and enjoying popcorn and Coke Zero! Bliss.

I finally also took advantage of my work benefits this month and both my husband and I had a professional massage at a spa-for free. We each had one hour of massage therapy. Mine, unfortunately, was a bit intense as my doctor suggested I get one for my bad back (due to the car accident). It was not relaxing but a bit painful. Afterwards I was sore for days but I think I have to continue with it to finally heal. When I am all better, I think I will start getting them on occasion as the therapist explained how healthy it is to rid of tension stored in muscles.

Well, that brings us to today-Saturday. I have absolutely no plans which sounds like a perfect kind of August day.


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