August already?!


Life has been a whirlwind, lately! I have had all kinds of ups and downs with my visiting sister (see these posts regarding our family drama: one and two) that has resulted in somewhat of a peace accord now but with new boundaries drawn that my sister will now have to deal with as I will not tolerate her toxic behaviours. I hope we will start a new chapter now and that she will deal with letting go of some old ideas about me.

In the last while, I also enjoyed a visit from a cousin and her new baby (so cute), did a heap of work under tight deadlines at work, been dealing with my back injury, and hung out with my niece and nephew as much as possible. The sweet kids have now gone home after a lot of tears and begging to stay. They stayed two months but it is clear they hate their town in Florida and would much rather live up here where most of their family resides. It broke my heart to see them crying so much.

Finally, I begged my boss for a few days off so I could extend my weekend and escape with my husband on a little getaway. She agreed to let me take a Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off (for a total of 5 days including weekend) on the condition that I check my email and phone for urgent requests. I agreed and my husband and I decided spontaneously to take a trip the following day. We wanted to go somewhere cooler as the weather has been so warm this year and somewhere in North America as we only had 5 days. We ended up visiting…the Canadian Rockies! It was an amazing 5 days which I will write about in another post. Usually I enjoy planning trips but this one was a bit random and last minute. It turned out to be one of the best, though. I felt great until I woke up this morning and saw my boss’ text message that she needed my help urgently…so it was back to work today with a lot of stuff waiting for me. However, I was very effective and on top of her requests (in addition to dealing with my usual work). Am sure I will get extra points for this one!

Anyway, just wanted to check in! Gorgeous Rocky Mountain pictures will be coming soon!


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