Back pain…


back-painIs there anything worse than neck and back pain? I would think so but now that I am experiencing it for myself I can say it is a subtle or not so subtle ongoing nightmare that has a huge impact on my daily life. Since my car accident, I have been hoping to get better as soon as possible but now it has been a month and I am still experiencing pain. I am a bit surprised considering it was not the biggest accident. I thought people were exaggerating when they had accidents and trying to take advantage of insurance policies but now I must say that many people are legitimately injured.

'Have you tried enjoying the aches and pains?'

‘Have you tried enjoying the aches and pains?’

To deal with this, I have consulted a doctor and gone to a chiropractor. So far I have had a few sessions and it seems to be okay although the pain increases the day of the treatment. I will see how things go as I am sure it takes time but I sure wish I would hurry up and heal. I cannot walk the dog, I have to rely on my husband to take care of our garden, and even though it is hot I just want to drive around with the seat warmers on all the time! Sleeping has been difficult as I have to wake up and move around often and I am exhausted each day.

Work has been great as they have told me I can make any adjustments necessary to my schedule but since it is so busy there it is nearly impossible to do so. I have been struggling to keep up and have had to work part days at work and then part days from home to stay on top of things as well as have a break from all the sitting and typing (which is integral at this time!).

Anyway, I will stop complaining but just needed to let it all out as much of my time has been consumed by going to the doctor, chiropractor, taking medicine, refilling prescriptions, dealing with the pain, complaining about the pain, and just feeling it. I would not wish this nightmare on anyone-and definitely not the kind of summer I have been envisioning. Hopefully August will be better!


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