Cucumber mania!


A few of my cucumbers!

My cute little garden plot is being taken over by my cucumber plants! In May this year, I planted just a few little seeds. Now, the cucumber vines seem to be spreading at a rapid rate and tangling up with my tomatoes and creating a mess! I have learned from this and next year will make sure that they are growing vertically and not horizontally! There are some cool ways to do this (thank you Internet for endless ideas!). For now, I am just trying to manage the mess and stake the tomatoes  so they have support as best as I can but it is a bit tough since some are entangled with the cucumber vines. Oh well.

But, the good news is that cucumbers are growing in abundance. My mother picked a few and we have already consumed seven or eight between us. Many others are growing in various sizes and will be ready in the next while. Fresh cucumbers from your own garden sure are nice! My niece says they are mouth watering and they really are. Sometimes we slice them up and enjoy them with nothing but a sprinkle of salt.

Not sure if it is watching your work come to fruition or not but I definitely enjoy the food much better. I think this will be a great way to ensure one eats more healthy veggies!


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