Back on track…


July has been tough so far! Luckily, all is getting back on track. We are all coping with my aunt’s death in our own ways but the memorial service and funeral did provide some support after the sudden shock of losing her in the hospital. It allowed for some closure. My mother spent several days with my aunt’s children and their families to support them and share stories. She then came home to us and we did our best to comfort her and provide support. Things are settling down slowly now and she decided to return to work to keep distracted, if nothing else.

RC_BackOnTrackMy dear sweet husband came home with a whole strawberry cheesecake one evening as he knew I was not only dealing with the death of my aunt, my mom’s pain, but also this epic silent battle with my sister that was hurting me. I appreciated it and him keeping out but after 10 days since the battle started he decided to intervene and asked to speak to my sister. He sat us both down and made us work it out. We did.

I called my sister on many of her poor behaviours and nonsense and helped her realize many of the issues she was accusing me of dealing with are actually her own issues that she is projecting. She admitted how she made comments about others (ie husband) to hurt me and she does get mad, lose control, and make completely inappropriate comments. I explained to her the repercussions those comments could have and how they cannot be made lightly. I was pleased she took some responsibility and acknowledged her mistakes and, I think, sincerely apologized for them. I told her I want to have a supportive loving family and not the wretched one that will develop via her behaviour. She agreed and says she will work on herself and us. There has been some improvement although I must say that I have lost some respect and trust that I hope can be rebuilt. We will see. I have made it clear such behaviours will not be tolerated in the future and for me, that was very important to establish.

In other news, I am very very behind at work due to missing days here and there due to the fights, funeral, and car accident I had in June and will have to work like mad this week to catch up. But, I did get one of my project proposals mailed off last week. The plan is to do 2 more this week and then focus on the BIG one for the rest of the month until August 5th. After that, I will finally be free again and be able to get back to my regular work. Am looking forward to it before the September rush arrives. I am also looking forward to the vacation ban being lifted as I would LOVE to slow down and take some days off for myself! I have also posted my List of 33. It is not complete as I have not had much time to reflect on what I want to do but I can go and update it later when things quiet down. That’s about it for now but I sure am glad that things are getting back on track!


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