A family loss…


This past weekend my family lost one of our treasures. My dear aunt-my mother’s eldest sister-was suddenly hospitalized and passed away. It threw us all into a shock and my mother is devastated. It has been tough to say the least. My aunt has been in my life from the start. She was always a gentle, loving, reassuring presence who I never made enough time for. I suppose I thought she would always be there. Now I know everything can change in a minute.

I am now doing my best to be supportive of my mom. It is difficult right now at home since I also have my own sister drama (see previous post) and it is all very petty but she is not willing to take steps to sort it out. I just cannot deal with it and, due to it being a very busy time at work, have been trying to focus on that. However, it breaks my heart to see my poor mom so entirely crushed. I wish there was more I could do but I have no idea how I can help other than being around for her. It has been a sad and difficult time for us all.


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