July 2015: Things to look forward to…


julypicJune just zipped by and July is now here just like that. It is an incredibly hot Canada Day today and will be an incredibly hot Independence Day on Saturday. The heat seems to not be slowing down so this month am planning on trying to slow down but also work hard so I can play hard later. Here are some of the things I have to look forward to this month:

  • Now that June is done and my birthday has passed, it is time to post a list of 33 Things to Do in my 33rd Year in the LIST section of my website.
  • My sister and her kids are still around most of this month on their summer holiday visit. Am looking forward to continue hanging out with the little ones. My niece is usually attached to my hip the minute I get home from work.
  • Work will be focused around a few big projects this month. Since there is a block on longer vacations, I will try to squeeze in days here and there. The good news is that the big projects are the type I usually enjoy so it should be an interesting work month.
  • Good weather means I will continue to work in my garden plot-I have abandoned the rest of the yard for now as there is not much left to do-especially in this heat. Already I have baby cucumbers growing. Am expecting a lot of progress through July which I look forward to monitoring.
  • Fourth year wedding anniversary! We will be married four years this month and have decided to celebrate in August since I cannot take vacations until then by some kind of excursion. Of course, on our special day we will probably still mark the occasion with a special dinner or something.
  • Vacation planning. I love this activity and am sure I will spend hours researching something fabulous for next month’s little trip.
  • The husband and I have really focused in on our financial goals this last month or so and plan to continue to do so all month. It will great to see our progress by the end of July.

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