Summertime sadness…


The title of this post is a bit misleading. Summer-coming up in just a few days-does NOT make me sad. It makes me very happy (as does the summertime sadness song). However, my work has just announced that no one is allowed to take vacations (unless they are a day or two) until mid-August due to some important projects that have come up. Since September is crazy, that means it may be a sad work filled summer this year 😦 This is especially not so great as my sister invited my husband and I to an almost all expense paid trip to Las Vegas the week of our wedding anniversary and my work will not allow me to go. We would have had all kinds of special perks on this particular trip such as limousine transportation, free dining in nice restaurants, free room service, free accommodation, and free tickets to shows. I would have been happy enough just lounging in the pool! In addition, in July a friend in New Zealand is getting married and I had been planning to go but cannot. So, no vacation for us this summer. Oh well. This will just mean I will have a heap of time in autumn and winter to take off.

The good news is that this month has been pretty great and full of summer time stuff. We have been watching big blockbuster movies like 3D Jurassic Park (way better than expected) and San Andreas (not so good!), going swimming, eating ice cream, and enjoying really great weather. In fact, it is so great that I am wishing for a good pouring of rain for a day or two! I have also completed my big work event and can now relax and focus on all the tasks I have been neglecting. I do hate falling behind and it will be great to catch up on things next week. Today, however, I am planning on taking a day off to do some shopping with my sister. I am again in desperate need for work clothes. I have complained about this many times on this blog but hope to come back with a successful update all about finding great new clothes that I actually like.


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