June 2015: Things to look forward to…


June-coloring-page-w-frog-filled-in-e1337966724457In my family, June is a month of endless celebrations! As usual, I have tons to look forward to this month. Here is that wonderful list:

  • My birthday! I will be 33. Even though I have to work until late on my special day, I will plan something nice for myself around this day.
  • Family birthdays! A few others (3 others!) have birthdays in June in my family which means lots of cake, lots of parties, and lots of time together having fun.
  • Special occasions! This month there will also be Father’s Day and my parent’s anniversary.
  • Visiting sister and family. My sister from Florida will be visiting us all month with her kids and husband. It is always fun to have the kids around especially since I am their favourite aunt 🙂
  • At work I will be hosting a huge event which I will be happy to get done with as, after that, I plan to take it easy! I also have booked off every Friday as a vacation day so I can enjoy my month with the kids and family.
  • Backyard and garden progress! I plan on spending some extra time doing some very rewarding work in the sunshine.
  • Massage. I have been meaning to use my work massage benefit for months-ever since I wrote my Health Care Benefits post in January. I think I am well overdue for a relaxing massage!
  • Sunshine. All the good weather makes me oh so happy.

That is all that comes to mind right now but basically I think it will be a busy, social month full of lots of fun and family. With that, will come a few theatrics and dramas but am sure it will be very entertaining!


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