May 2015:Things to look forward to…


May-4-blogMay is a great month but I had some trouble coming up with things to look forward to. Lots of regular sort of stuff going on but I guess that is a good thing and the simple things count. Here is what I have to look forward to this month:

  • Work should be busy. This is always good for me in general as I do not like to get bored but the benefit is that I am planning on logging in lots of hours early in the week and then taking it slower on Thursdays and Fridays. My husband has those days off and we sure enjoy our time together.
  • My sister and her family are coming to visit for a month in June so the countdown to see the kids is on!
  • Long weekend! Who doesn’t look forward to one of these!
  •  Good weather on a more regular basis=true joy!
  • Cinco de Mayo-will be enjoying margaritas in the evening!
  • Coin jar-so far my coin jar has about 200$ in it. I plan to keep on contributing all this month. I enjoy watching it grow.
  • Garden planting & other projects. My seedlings are coming along and I look forward to finally transplanting them into my garden bed. Then, it will be on to the next project!
  • Shopping! Although I am not exactly looking forward to this, I am looking forward to having some more business clothes so I can look more normal at work. Lately, I have been letting things slide (wearing jeans more often and casual shirts) and been receiving comments from my boss that more or less are warnings!
  • Weight loss. I am excited to say I have only 4lbs to go until I have hit my goal (with a deadline of June 30th). If I can get rid of at least 2lbs this month I am going to be feeling pretty good.

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