2015 Herb garden (and more) started…

Seedling planting at work-stickers are to keep track of what is planted in each row.

Seedling planting at work-stickers are to keep track of what is planted in each row.

Last year-in August-I started my own indoor herb garden in glass jars. This was great and I enjoyed every second of it. Here are some previous posts about that time so you know what I mean: post one and post two. It was very fulfilling to grow something and the herbs tasted pretty good too!

Seeds are teeny tiny... am always amazed what they grow into.

Seeds are teeny tiny… am always amazed what they grow into.

Well, this year since I now have a yard, and due to being inspired from last year, I decided to take another step forward and try a raised garden bed. After all, last time I did not have the space (and started really late) and one should build upon what they have learned, right? After all, one day it may be necessity to have this skill. The garden bed is all built and ready to go-thanks to my husband’s help-but I now need to put a fence around it to keep my digging dog out. Am not sure of the best option and am doing my research so have been avoiding planting all this time. Besides, my goal was the end of April. This weekend, however, I had enough of waiting and decided to start with an indoor seed tray that I can later transplant from a bit later. Having some small plants will also help when it comes to spacing in the garden bed.

So, earlier today, I went off to the store today and picked up a tray that can accommodate about 70 slots. I decided to start with some herbs for now, due to very limited seed selection at the store I went to, but will take care of getting more veggies next time. So far, I have planted seeds for parsley, summer savory, chives, mint, thyme, dill, oregano, basil, roma tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and habanero peppers. That alone sounds good to me but my garden bed is big enough to accommodate more. I also have some containers and planters that I can use-and plan to-but will need to do some more research into what else I should be planting. I am thinking of peas, lettuce, cucumbers, green onions, and… not sure what else!


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  1. indoor herb garden, too and impressed by the fact that you are were able to grow basil. it always dies when i try (everything else is fine so maybe im just not that ‘basil kind of person’?)

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