Original state of my cactus after transplant.

Original state of my cactus after transplant.

I REALLY did not want my weekend to come to an end. The last few days have been warm, sunny, and beautiful. My husband and I did some shopping and started a backyard project to help improve the yard on Saturday. It involves laying down some cement which was interesting but we also grossly underestimated how much we need so this project is to be continued. My goal is to complete at least three or four things in the yard by the end of June and this one will make quite a difference. I have found I am really enjoying everything related to gardening and keeping a nice yard.

Last week, I also took a cutting from my cactus (remember that sad little one I bought? click here to see!) and after letting it sit and toughen up this last week, I replanted it back into the pot as a separate shoot. I hope it will take and we will have a new stem. This cactus has been doing quite well with new shoots appearing and it thickening up. When I bought it, I saw a more mature one of the same variety and I hope it will grow into a beautiful plant. My raised garden bed we finally filled up with the missing potting soil and it is ready for planting. Later this month, I will do so. Am looking forward to it.

This how my cactus is doing as of now...just 2 short months later. The tall skinny branch is the cutting I dug in. Am hoping it will take.

This how my cactus is doing as of now…just 2 short months later. The tall skinny branch is the cutting I dug in. Am hoping it will take.

Anyway, after all that work we decided to go out for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend and my sister. We ended up gorging on salad, bread, and pasta! I ordered some sparkling wine that left me with a nice warm buzz (it has been awhile!) and we came home to watch Dark Skies which is a scary movie about a family being visited by what turns out to be… aliens! A fun weekend day.

Sunday, I was very productive. I did the laundry, took the dog for a walk and gave her a good brush down which helped her look less mangy due to shedding season, spent time with the sisters, vacuumed the whole house, mopped all the floors, did my grocery shopping, went to the library, went to a ladies lunch with my mother that her friend was hosting, did the laundry, and read my novel until I fell asleep on the deck chair in the sun. In the evening, my sisters were over and we had dinner together.

Today, another beautiful day, I had no desire to go to work in the morning. All weekends should be three days. I wanted to be just like my dog and sleep in the sun in the grass all day but I dragged myself to work. It turned out to be a pleasant day and I managed to accomplish a lot and have at least three great positive meetings (things have been a bit of a downer lately but seemed to be improving today). I am now home and will be using the pizza dough I made yesterday to put together some homemade pizza for dinner for me and my husband. I want to catch up on some tv and relax before getting into the rest of the week. This post may seem a bit ramble-y but I read back and sense nothing but contentedness. I have learned that this is true happiness! 🙂 Not those highs or even lows (for some) but this wonderful feeling of true satisfaction is what real happiness is. Am hoping it lasts and lasts…


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