Vacation dreaming…


This year my husband and I were planning on taking a trip back to his home country for a visit. However, due to some rumored law changes which could create a problem for us, we decided it is best to wait until he is a citizen of this country to avoid any hassles. It may be another year or so before all is official. So, that means that we can use this calendar year’s vacation for another destination!

centralandsouthamericaLast year, we went to Mexico in January, Las Vegas in June, took a lot of random days off in the summer, and took a more local winter cabin vacation in December. Not the most exciting vacations but still fun. In January this year, we took a little ski trip which was quite nice. Now, it is already April and it is not likely we will be planning any trips until after June due to work commitments that I have. I also usually like to stick around in the summer (and my sister and her family will be visiting this summer as well) so we will likely be taking some holidays sometime between September-December which is quite a long spell with no vacation compared to last year! However, this does give me a lot to dream about…such as where should we go next!?

Personally, I love Latin American countries and my ideal choice would be somewhere in Central or South America. Perhaps Panama or Chile? Maybe Columbia or Peru? Perhaps I can finally use some of that Spanish I have been learning on a long trip in Mexico or a return trip to Costa Rica? Not sure what will happen… likely we will end up in Florida or the Caribbean to visit my sister…but it sure is nice to dream about all the possibilities! Look forward to seeing where we actually end up but the anticipation and planning is half the fun.


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