Happy Easter…


Happy Easter all! Where I live the sun is shining and, despite a bit of a cold wind, it is a beautiful day. I have been off work since last Thursday and have to say I have definitely been enjoying all this free time.


Posts that desperately needed a paint job.

I roped my husband into doing some power-washing on day one so our outdoor area can start to be transformed and prepared for use in better weather. Our lawnmower is currently not working for some odd reason so we had a landscaping company come and cut all the grass for the first time this year. Just that alone felt like a huge accomplishment as the yard looks so much better! They do a great job and are quite affordable.

The next few days, when all was dry, I did some painting to freshen up the area (it made a huge difference since the posts beneath the balcony were the original colour of the home and never touched up-see photos!). I also did some backyard maintenance as I am on a long term mission to make this yard look normal! I collected any trash that had blown into our yard, threw away or stored things properly that were cluttering up the area, and washed off the plastic Adirondack/Muskoka-style chairs that have been stacked up all winter and placed them out for use. Between painting posts, I sat in them in the sun to warm up because the wind made it very cold when in the shade. Not my favourite chairs (especially since they are plastic and not wood!)… you feel like you are almost lying down in them…but they are already here so we may as well use them. My dog hung around all day, sleeping in the sun, while we painted.


Painting in progress…a huge improvement.

The rest of the time, I have enjoyed a lot of family time hanging out with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and my husband. My sisters will be swinging by today. We have been eating good homemade food and I made a nice coconut Easter cake for everyone-decorated with pretty Easter colours, of course! My husband set up our tv and surround sound system and in the evenings we have been catching up on The Walking Dead. So annoying that we will have to wait until autumn to see what happens next!

It has been great to have all this time off and do whatever one feels like (such as long overdue painting projects that make me sooo happy). Am looking forward to taking on and completing many projects this year. Since my parents own the property it is more or less a nice investment rather than just efforts made for someone else. I know I always admire those who do a good job taking care of their homes. Since my parents are getting older it has been harder for them so my husband and I are happy to help and enjoy the end results as well. Anyway, I have to say there is definitely something rewarding about doing things yourself. Next up? We will see…


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