April 2015: Things to look forward to…


aprilMonth number four is April. Last year during this month I was enjoying lunches out, reading, paying off debt, learning Spanish, and fighting with my husband (according to the posts I wrote!). Things I looked forward to then will probably be similar to what I am looking forward to this year. These things are:

  • Easter! North American secular Easter is about chocolate, time off, and bunnies. I am happy to enjoy some of this as a non-Christian. For, my husband (since he is from a primarily Eastern Orthodox country) Easter is a bit different even though he is a non-Christian, certain celebrations everyone will participate in. I plan to include dyed red eggs in his lunch on Good Friday or Easter Monday. I do not think he will expect it but I look forward to surprising him with this tradition from his home country.
  • Sister’s birthday. Am sure we will enjoy a nice meal out.
  • Planting in the garden. This is the month when I can finally begin planting in the garden. It will be great to choose the produce we want and then get them started as seeds. At this point I am thinking of planting peas, herbs, and tomatoes.
  • Work will be a bit of a fresh start as many of our contracts are starting anew. I look forward to having more control over several things (mostly projects that were handed down to me mid-way which I can deal with from the start now). I plan to practice better work-life balance as well.
  • Renovations complete. As I mentioned, we moved into a flat which is located in my parent’s home. We had a few updates to make which will now be complete so we can finally settle in. After that, we can take on some other project such as improving the yard and other common spaces. Am looking forward to making a nice and comfortable home for all of us as we will be here for quite a few years.
  • Making time to enjoy the small things. This month I plan to take it easier. I want to spend time investing in myself. I plan to do this through picking up my Spanish lessons, reading, being outdoors, cooking nice things, and doing little projects that make me happy.
  • Weight loss continued. I have not hit my goal yet so plan to continue to use my LOSE IT app to shed a few more pounds… 6 more to go. However, I want to do it slow and steady with minimal suffering (am sure you know what I mean!).
  • Finances. I have fired up my coin jar but have not paid much attention to it lately. Am going to try to contribute more to it but will not be cashing out this month. I always enjoy seeing it fill up.

Well, that is about it for this month. Ma y not seem like a lot but if I can manage to fit all the above in, I will be very satisfied. As always, am looking forward to better and better weather as well.


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