Not in that place anymore…


Yesterday was an interesting day. I met up with a former friend for coffee and a long chat. This is a friend who I used to be quite close to but lost touch with for several years after a bit of a falling out. After the falling out, we were not in touch but then ran into each other enough times to smooth things over but not enough to connect again. However, a few weeks ago she sent me a message saying she had seen me from a distance at the market and would love to meet again. Yesterday was that meeting.

We did not have enough time to catch up fully or learn what had been going on for the last decade or so in detail but we were able to pick up quite nicely and enjoy our time together. I realize she is still living quite a chaotic life-which I used to enjoy myself-and searching for something more without knowing what it is exactly. I remember such a restlessness in myself as well. After dropping her off and coming home, I realized I am definitely happy to be where I am in my life. Yes, it is not perfect but I feel I can see much more clearly now and remember being very frustrated with things in the past. Now, I feel, I know exactly what I want. What happiness is. What success is. What joy and pleasure are. Etc etc.

Later, the same night, my husband and I had to meet a group for dinner to celebrate my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday. She is about 5 years younger than me and obviously has a different set of friends but again, after observing this group, I can say I am definitely glad to be where I am. Thing that happen in your life give you certain perspectives and I can say I am grateful for every experience that has brought me to where I am today.

Yesterday, I also saw my sister at this same dinner. She is older than me by several years but life does not seem to be progressing for her. I see her going around in circles and patterns. I hope she will be able to  move forward at some point. Although I have been in similar places with similar priorities as these three, I hope they find what they need, and I sure am glad I am not in that place anymore!


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