What a week!


What a doozy of a week! I think I can say that last week has been one of the worst and most challenging weeks I have had in some time. I am glad it is now Sunday and a fresh week.

In just the last 7 days, I have gotten several large unexpected invoices meaning I have huge amounts to pay up in the next while, at least 4 conflicts at work that I had to mediate, computer issues which caused a lot of stress and time being wasted, a huge event that I pulled off yesterday for 300 people that included dealing with quite a few difficult characters to say the least, several minor spats with my husband over the last few days, and to top it off I have been fighting the flu for a week but still needing to go to work each day due to the special event. My feet hurt like hell last night but today I woke up for the first time in a week with my sore throat feeling improved and my feet back to normal.

Other than a heap of reports to write up in the next month or so, I expect much smoother sailing and plan to, hopefully, take some time off (that I was not able to take off these last two months). We will see. But, for today, I am just going to try to relax.


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